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Scam Proof - Quantum LED Removed from Alibaba for Trademark Infringement

While Quantum LED continues to this day to deny every using Hydro Grow trademarks such as Penetrator PRO to sell counterfeited Hydro Grow X1 LED Grow Lights, he did a very poor job of cleaning up his actions online.  Quantum LED posed as a legitimate manufacturer of LED Grow Lights on Alibaba, when he has no manufacturing plant and instead buys from others in China.  Unfortunately for Quantum LED, Alibaba has a program called Ali Protect where they remove any products from the site that infringe on someone else's Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks, etc...). 

A complaint was filed against Quantum LED for using "Penetrator" in their Alibaba product listings.  In fact you can see the use of the word "Penetrator" in the link for each of the postings recorded.  Only a fraud steals trademarks and sells counterfeited lights from another company and then claims for months he never did it...  Luckily frauds never cover up their tracks, giving us a world of proof to Show that Ramananthan Mathiaparanam is a complete fraud.  Enjoy the evidence: 

FRAUD - LEDHydroponics.co.uk posts more libelous information

While it is genuinely easy for any outside viewer to tell that LEDHydroponics, QuantumLED, and GrowlightsUK are complete scams, these companies seem to think that just by saying "no we aren't", and trying to trash-talk the company who's lights they are counterfeiting and selling, that they can convince customers. 

We're not sure what Quantum LED or LEDHydroponics hopes to gain by trying to claim they've been around longer than Hydro Grow, as they just began selling Hydro Grow's patented X1 design starting April/May of 2012...   Hydro Grow began selling their X1 design in June 2011, and is the sole inventor of the product with all purchasing receipts for the moulds as well as patents to back it. 

Quantum LED has NO PATENTS, no TRADEMARKS, or any other form of intellectual property relating to Hydro Grow's design, and yet he thinks that by saying "Oh Hydro Grow doesn't have web traffic" or "Hydro Grow copies us" that consumers will be stupid enough to believe his lies. 

Here is the most recent libelous and down-right stupid posting brought about by these sellers:

We've already proven in previous postings that HydroGrowLED.com was first registered on November 19, 2009, so we're not sure where Quantum LED made up the date of November 11, 2011...  Likewise to try and discredit Hydro Grow's traffic rankings is about as amusing as it gets...  Everyone knows the authority for traffic is ALEXA, who indexes every site in the world and quantifies them.  Here is the true information for Hydro Grow that Quantum LED of course failed to post like everything else that is legit:

So Globally Hydro Grow is ranked #471,279 of all website online.  They have over 1000 sites linking back to their page, and are ranked #205,609 in the United States.  Now let's take a look and see where Quantum LED and his SCAM sites rank shall we?

So the best ranking SCAM site is positioned globally at #5,715,919...  while Hydro Grow is at position
#471,279.  The highest ranked SCAM site also has only 11 other sites linking in, while Hydro Grow has over 1000.  This attempt by Quantum LED to discredit Hydro Grow based on web traffic is a complete fabrication as with everything else this seller posts to his sites.  His postings are nearing the point of illegality, where he will soon answer for defamation and libel in UK courts for continuing to post false information to the web in hopes to damage the reputation of the company he has tried to imitate. 

There is no denying Hydro Grow invented the designs counterfeited by the Quantum LED sites, or the trademarks, etc.. to go with them.  Nor is there any denial that Hydro Grow is a much larger company with far more credibility in their industry and the traffic to back it up.  Watch out for these shallow smear tactics being implemented by a known FRAUD - Ramananthan Mathiaparanam, as every piece of information he has posted to the web thus far has been proven to be a complete fabrication. 

LEDHydroponics.co.uk Posts Defamatory and False Material to Site

What's truly funny about most scammers, is that once they're caught they immediately try to revert the attention back towards someone else.  In this case Quantum LED proves their sheer stupidity by trying to discredit the very manufacturer they have worked so hard to COPY!  Even the new background on the recently updated LEDHydroponics.co.uk site has been changed to appear similar to the background on the brand new Hydro Grow website.  This company is seemingly unable to think for themselves, and can literally do nothing without copying Hydro Grow and then turning around and calling Hydro Grow a bully for warning world-wide customers of the fraudulent copying being done by Quantum LED.  Here is the most recent (defamatory) post placed on the web by Quantum LED via his alternate site LEDHydroponics.co.uk  He tries to allege that Hydro Grow has only been in business since 2011, and didn't begin testing LED Grow Lights until 2010. 

As usual the seller doesn't list any legitimate proof of his claim, he just types some random words in boxes and thinks that because he said it, people will believe it.  Our readers know better, which is why they keep coming back to this site.  They know this site provides proof in these situations, which is being served right now.  Did you notice the poorly copied "circle" background on the new LEDHydroponics site compared to the screen shot of the Hydro Grow site right beside it?  Isn't it amazing how this company trash-talks Hydro Grow while doing everything in their power to try and imitate them?  Sad... truly sad. 

This business registration information was found on the web via a Business License search in the state of Washington, where Hydro Grow began as a company.  As shown by the registration information, Hydro Grow was established as a legal business in October 2008.  Quantum LED alleges Hydro Grow has only been in business since 11-26-2011, despite the fact their Extreme lights were sold back in June of 2011...  In fact even the WHOIS information for Hydro Grow dates back to July of 2009, with their original site www.hydro-grow-led.com, which changed to www.hydrogrowled.com in November 2009. 

And by the way, the oldest copy of the Hydro Grow website via the WaybackMachine is from November 30, 2009, when Quantum LED wasn't even started as a website until January 13, 2011.  It's beyond evident that Quantum LED is not just a fraud, but is now self-incriminating themselves by posting known false information on their site in an attempt to discredit the company who warned the world of their fraudulence.  The seller can continue saying whatever he pleases, including that Hydro Grow is posting libel to the web, but as the proof shows the only one committing illegal acts of libel and defamation is Quantum LED and his scam reseller sites.  Don't be fooled by this unimaginably stupid Fraud. 

Ramananthan Mathiaparanam Posts More Fraudulent Claims on QuantumLEDBloom.co.uk

In a recent response to the negative information circulating the web about Quantum LED, Ramanathan Mathiaparanam fired back today on his website providing this site with even more proof the seller is a complete FRAUD.  Unlike the proof Quantum LED claims they have in their rebuttal posted to their site, the opinions shared here on QuantumLEDBloom.com are substantiated by photographic evidence and documented time lines.  After all, this is the internet and "anyone can say whatever they want" as Mathiaparanam alleges is being done against him, which is why this site doesn't just say what it cares to say, it says what it can back up with actual proof. 

The information posted to QuantumLEDBloom.co.uk today was in many parts, and therefore one screen shot wouldn't fit it all.  Instead we're going to examine each of his completely false claims one by one, and prove them each to be a fabricated lie

Each screen shot features the "Claim" Quantum LED wishes to isolate from various articles and press releases around the web discussing their fraudulent behavior, and the red highlighted box is Quantum LED's response to this claim.  Prepare yourself for one of the most ignorant and delusional crooks you have ever met:


Stated by Quantum LED on their own site, the company claims to have produced and sold LED products for the past 5 years.  They fail to address the fact they have leached off Hydro Grow's success or product designs, but instead chose to misdirect the consumer with a lie.  According to www.whois.com, an online database of website registry information, QuantumLEDBloom.co.uk was registered on January 13, 2011; precisely 1 year and 6 months ago from today.  The Whois registry information is provided below: 

Quantum LED also claims to have been reselling lights via their sister site, LEDHydroponics.co.uk.  According to WHOIS, the registry data for this site shows a creation date of February 24, 2010.  The proof is again posted below:

According to recorded website registration data, The longest either of the sites operated by Mathiaparanam has been in existence is just over 2 years.  This information contradicts claims made by Quantum LED that they have been producing and selling LED products for the past 5 years under the Quantum LED name, proving his claim to be a complete lie.  It starts to make you wonder "What else is he lying about?"  Let's find out!

There are 3 sites presently owned or affiliated with Quantum LED, the oldest of which is GrowLightUK.com.  The "Wayback Machine" unfortunately does not index certain UK sites, however neither of Mathiaparanam's UK sites have been around longer than 2.5 years which means neither could be used to disprove his claim.  Fortunately his oldest site is a .com, which is cached via the Wayback Machine.  The oldest cached version of the site not showing page errors, is from  February 2, 2011.  If there were any truth to Ramananthan's claim, certainly the GrowLightUK site which presently shows the same lights, product names and product descriptions/photos as his other two sites, would showcase the clustered lights he speaks of in 2011 since he claims to have been selling them for 4 years...   Here is the screen shot from just over 1 year ago from the Wayback Machine:

As you will notice, there are no such clustered lights featured on the oldest site operated by Mathiaparanam.  Instead the only lights they sold were fully-loaded Chinese LED boards in 135W UFO and 240W, 300W, and 450W Grow Panels with 3W LEDs.  These are the same generic models offered by other resellers at the time, and still sold by Quantum LED and affiliated sites.  In other words, this is the product they've always sold and built their business on, which is now named the "Evader" line.  While this is not complete proof the seller has lied through his teeth this time, it shows there is no truth to his statement of producing clustered LED Grow Lights for over 4 years, or at least none that is available via documentation on the web.  Moving on...

Quantum LED claims they "do not sell near replicas of anything".  Prior to counterfeit models hitting the market, the only company selling Hydro Grow's designs, light engines, X-lens, etc... was Hydro Grow.  Quantum to this day  posts photos on his site showing Genuine Hydro Grow lights including the Hydro Grow stamped logo on the sides!  The seller can't even admit he's selling replicas, let alone counterfeits!  He is in complete denial which is shown clearly via his statement (either that or he is legally blind).  If he didn't sell near replicas, then why would he be posting photos he stole from Hydro Grow?  Here is a photo from the Quantum LED site showing the lettering "Quantum LED" over a a poorly extracted photo stolen from Hydro Grow:

Perhaps not this week, but prior to it  Quantum LED and affiliated sites displayed the name of their products as "Penetrator PRO".  They were indeed using the name Penetrator PRO in an attempt to fool customers, along with the "X2" label as this is Hydro Grow's most recent product line and lens development.  If Quantum LED wasn't trying to mislead consumers they wouldn't have packaged the trademarked product name "Penetrator" along side copied product descriptions from the Hydro Grow site, with photos showing genuine Hydro Grow products with real logos.  These factors when put together would fool any consumer into believing Quantum LED sold real Penetrator PRO LED Grow Lights invented by Hydro Grow.  Here is a cached section of the Quantum LED site taken 7/6/2012, as he has since changed the name to "Photon PRO" this week:

While Quantum LED no longer displays "Penetrator PRO" on his site to fool consumers, the image above is proof that this fraudulent behavior was taking place.  Remember Quantum LED claims: "WE DO NOT IMPLY THAT WE SELL Penetrator PRO".  This claim posted the Quantum LED site has now been proven to be completely false.  The seller is still attempting to defraud consumers into believing that he never committed acts against Hydro Grow, and somehow thinks that just because he says he never did, that his words somehow make it real... 

Reality is Ramananthan Mathiaparanam got caught running a SCAM and is now scrambling feverishly awaiting the day when his last sale is processed.  There is ample documentation already that Quantum LED is a complete fraud, but this last one is pretty comical:


If you aren't laughing by now at the absolute idiocy of Quantum LED, you're either dead or asleep.  They claim to be the leading innovator for LED Grow Lights before Hydro Grow, yet have absolutely nothing to show for it.  There is no product development history as you find on Hydro Grow showing a progression from their first prototypes to the new X2 models; and other than the counterfeit Hydro Grow lights on their site the only product Quantum LED has ever been known for was the "Evader Line" produced by a generic Chinese manufacturer.  To further allege that Hydro Grow is trying to take market share away from a company who is knowingly selling counterfeit Hydro Grow lights, who has used Hydro Grow images, trademarks, product descriptions, etc... is the biggest joke this seller can make. 

Unlike QuantumLEDBloom.co.uk, this site provides responses validated by actual photographic evidence.  Quantum LED can try and say he is not a fraud all he wants, or that he never did the things he did; however the internet has a way of keeping record of nearly everything he does, which has validated the opinions of this site while proving the claims of Quantum LED to be completely fraudulent.  Don't become one of the many fooled by this scammer. 

Quantum LED Ripoff Report

More angry customers are taking to the web each day reporting the depth of the Scam that has been run by Ramanathan Mathiaparanam and his site Quantum LED, with the most latest report appearing on www.ripoffreport.com 

Here is the customer's complaint:

Quantum LED Blocked & Removed from Vivastreet.co.uk

It was forwarded the attention of QuantumLEDBloom.com today that Quantum LED listings were removed from Vivastreet.co.uk, a popular free listing site.  According to VivaStreet, the seller's account was then blocked from the site.  Here is the correspondence: 

Scammed by Quantum LED

Angry consumers who were scammed by
Quantum LED and its various affiliate sites are now taking to the web and posting their complaints on forums where Quantum LED obtained much of its business.  Here is a recent report from THCTalk.com:

"Yeah dont believe the hype.

Me and a friend of mine recently purchased some of these cheap knock offs from that quantum dude in the UK.

We had already purchased from HG in the states 4 months earlier and were initially delighted to find these lights now in the UK, with the vendor assuring us they were legitimate lights, hell they were even the same images and brand names so we figured we were onto a winner.

We bought 4 of the 336x models and heres how it went:

None of them had copper core heat sinks.

The power packs seemed ok but how do you tell?
The fans sounded like a jet plane taking off.
The cases are flimsy and thin.
Cut my damn finger on sharp edges while opening the case up.
Almost got an electric shock through a switch??? a spark jumped out at me.

We were so pissed we immediately contacted HG in the USA who informed us of the situation. They said yes there were thousands of knock offs around now since they split with the factory, they also said if you were lucky and bought in the first week of these lights being put out then you may have got a genuine one but now they are just farming cheap knock offs.

We were unlucky and got the bad knock offs, as will anyone else who is buying now.

So beware people if you have purchased one of these then complain to trading standards and get a charge back against the on your card. These are now officialy counterfeit lights."

If you too were scammed by QuantumLEDBloom.co.uk, growlightuk.com, or ledhydroponics.co.uk, you are advised to contact the UK Trading Standards Institute to file a formal complaint against this seller.  You are also encouraged to contact your credit card provider to file a chargeback as the selling of counterfeit merchandise under the false pretense that it is real, is illegal. 

Quantum LED SCAM

Reports from numerous consumers around the web state they have been scammed by a Mr. Ramanathan Mathiaparanam (aka "Muddy" or "Nathaniel Nathan") in the United Kingdom, who operates three counterfeit sites: QuantumLEDBloom.co.uk, growlightuk.com, and ledhydroponics.co.uk. 

Quantum LED is the site most reported for committing fraud, as they mislead consumers into believing they are purchasing a legitimate Hydro Grow product, when in fact they are selling low quality counterfeits.  Nearly every word and photo on the Quantum LED site has been illegally stolen against copyright law from a previous version of the Hydro Grow website. 
Mathiaparanam goes as far as posting "Simply stated we are the best. Copied by everyone but duplicated by none." which are bold words for someone who has built his business entirely on selling copied, counterfeit merchandise.  To put it plainly, Ramanathan Mathiaparanam is delusional and tries to scam consumers into believing that he is somehow affiliated with, or originated the Hydro Grow line of products by making every claim on his own site that you will find posted on HydroGrowLED.com

When browsing the Quantum LED site one gets the feeling it is run by a long-term Scammer who moves on to the next scam as soon as he's been revealed.  The site is poorly constructed with poor English and horrible grammar.  It is clear the creator is not as familiar with English as someone living and running a business in the United Kingdom should be.  He posts photos stolen from the Hydro Grow website containing Hydro Grow logos on the products, pasting his own label
"Quantum LED" over the photo.  He also stole product descriptions for each item from the Hydro Grow website, and used Hydro Grow trademarks such as "Penetrator" and "X-Lens' for a good length of time to fool consumers.  He didn't just stop there however, he linked out to Hydro Grow press releases stating his lights were the same, and still links out to Hydro Grow products on youtube rather than showing a shred of documentation on his own products.

Ramanathan Mathiaparanam tells customers "We use 3w Bridglux led chip. Cheaper unit on other website use epistar or Chinese led chip.  Don’t be fooled because they look the same", which is a common practice used by Fraudulent sellers.  Quantum LED projects their own actions onto other companies, warning consumers to beware of these companies when it is Quantum LED who is in fact committing the infractions. 

According to those who have purchased a counterfeit light from the scammer, they perform nothing like an original Hydro Grow product.  Hydro Grow states this is because counterfeit models use a poorly reverse-engineered version of their X1 lens, the lowest quality LEDs available to reduce build cost, and fill the light with cheap components that fail prematurely and cause the unit to operate too hot.  These factors when combined create a light that looks very similar to the discontinued Hydro Grow X1 light, however the output is approximately half that of a true Hydro Grow product whilst consuming the same or more power.       

Hydro Grow has issued several worldwide press release warnings bringing attention to the level of Fraudulent activity being carried on by Quantum LED and their various affiliate sites in the UK.  They tell customers to contact the UK Trading Standards Institute to file a formal complaint against this seller if you have been defrauded by him like others, and urge consumers to contact their credit card providers to file a chargeback as the selling of counterfeit merchandise under the false pretense that it is real, is illegal. 


About QuantumLEDBloom.com

Welcome to QuantumLEDBloom.com, the site who tracks the fraudulent activity of QuantumLEDBloom.co.uk, growlightuk.com, and ledhydroponics.co.uk.

We are a consumer advocate site reporting on any and all scammer or fraud related postings regarding Quantum LED or Ramanathan Mathiaparanam, the site's owner.  Numerous consumers have already been defrauded with low-quality cheap knock-offs of Hydro Grow lights, while Mathiaparanam assures these customers he is selling genuine Hydro Grow products.  Return often for all the latest updates on the Quantum LED Scam sweeping the UK.


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